Tuppers Clam Chowder

tuppers clam chowder 1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup onion, diced
1 tsp. garlic, minced
2 stalks celery, diced
1 tsp. dried thyme
½ cup Premium Gold® Gluten Free Flax & Ancient Grains All-Purpose Flour
8 - 6 1/2 oz. cans clams, with juice
2 cups cooked potatoes, diced
1 quart (or more) half and half or milk of choice
3 slices bacon, crisp and crumbled
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
3 dashes of TABASCO®

In large pot, melt butter. Add onions, garlic, celery, and thyme. Sauté until onions are translucent.

Stir in the flour and cook for 5 minutes. Add clams and their juice. Cook over medium-low heat for 20-30 minutes. Do not boil.

Add potatoes and half and half. Simmer to blend flavors. Heat to 170F. Do not boil. Add bacon, pepper and TABASCO®.
Makes 2 quarts.