Organic Gluten Free Baking & Pizza Flour, 5 lbs

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The Premium Gold flours are easy to use. Just take your favorite recipes and replace the flour with ours at a 1:1 ratio. Meaning if it’s a teaspoon of all-purpose flour use a teaspoon of Premium Gold gluten free flour. If it’s 4 cups of whole wheat flour replace it with 4 cups of Premium Gold gluten free flour. We made the product so it’s easy for you to use.

· Organic 1:1 All Purpose Flour/ Whole Wheat Flour Replacement

· 12g Whole Grains and 1200mg Omega 3 per Serving

· Farm to Table, Product of the USA

· 100% Natural, Gluten and Allergen Free, Kosher, no preservatives, no additives, not genetically engineered

· 5lb Resealable Pouch (depends on size of container

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Weight 5.5 lbs

2 reviews for Organic Gluten Free Baking & Pizza Flour, 5 lbs

  1. Jan of Dundas

    Wow! I had given up on pizza since I became gluten free. I liked the gluten free flour so much that I immediately ordered this pizza flour. It is wonderful! I baked a thin crust pizza on a preheated cast iron Pizza pan using a peel to insert and remove the pie. I followed the directions on the package but made the pie on an olive oil infused piece of parchment paper on the peel. This is the best thin pizza crust I have eaten in seven years! Thank you.

  2. Nancy

    Best and easiest flour to use! I missed my homemade pizzas so much so was happy to have found this flour. So delicious. I also amended this flour with some buckwheat flour and made the bread machine sandwich bread recipe – came out delicious and easy to slice and great texture! Not crumbly. Thank you for these great products!

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